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I don’t know how long it took these women…and I am assuming it is a group of women doing it…to make these creations, but the results are…well, actually two-folds.

1) These are amazing! Out of a lowly item comes such beautiful creations. The craftman/womanship! Brava!

Or 2) Oh-my-gosh. What the heck?! How many hours/days did it take them to do this? Is this the female version of ‘extreme eating’ (which, btw, is NOT a sport!) or memorizing all the lines of a movie?

Well, it is pretty. And I’m sure very useful in a public bathroom

Link to the contest site…you can enter for the 2007 contest!

They’ll have the winner AND runner(s) up. You gotta see them!

For the 2005 winners… but this one looks like she cheated…have YOU seen toilet paper like her bodice?



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Um…there are no words to describe this…or to figure out WHY someone would want to buy this for a child. I’m thinking s/he doesn’t need visuals to know the difference…but that’s just me.

I think I’m going to have to add a new category: WHY.

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weddingpicture.jpgIn honor of our first wedding anniversary, I am reposting the “How We Met” page of our wedding website. (which I just found out that I somehow didn’t download all of the pages. So sad! 😦 ) I had updated with more information of that New Years party…like how our friend received her BBB nickname…and all of my witty commentaries that were priceless. <sigh>

So here it is a copy of the first draft I found on my computer…Happy Anniversary, Darling! Love you!

How B and The Jennifer Met

Oh, Honey. You start.

New Years Eve of 2003

No, you told me you noticed me a long time ago before then.

Okay, yes I noticed you but I barely spoke 5 words to you. I remember meeting you in Fellowship Church when you were working the Hospitality with Lee Ann and Ed.


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Baby stuff

I’ve always been fascinated with carousel horses…and rocking horses that have the same quality. This is the most beautiful rocking horse I’ve seen. And for the cost of these things, they’d better be. At over 2K (starting!), you’d have to strap your kid on for a few years to get your money’s worth.

I’d like to see someone use this before I purchase one. But I have a suspicion that the idea is better than the practicality of it. However, it’s still cool looking.

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70’s fashion:  Click here if you yearn for those ‘good ol days’ of 70’s fashion…remember it being the coolest ever…and ‘kids nowadays’ aren’t nearly as ‘stylish’ as when you were a kid/teen.
Of course all the movies coming out revisiting those bygone era always make the clothes so hip looking.

Just click on the link above. You’ll have one of two reactions: 1) laugh your ass off thinking to yourself, “What were they thinking?!” OR 2) cringe and make yourself a Tom Collins to forget.

Thanks, Jello, for sharing! 🙂

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