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“You can’t fix stupid.”

You have a lot of worries about your child as he grows: You can’t always be there to pick him up when he falls, choose the right friends for him, or make the good choices for him. You worry about all that…even though you know you can’t do anything about them.

But when your child is yet unborn, your worries are simple: “Please, God, let my baby be healthy.”
The prayer right after that is for our child to be smart. At least that would be ours.

No, not “Let him/her be pretty/handsome.” Yes, that would be nice, but if I had to choose between smart and pretty, smart wins out every time.

You could argue that pretty people have it easier in life. That is true…but pretty without intelligence, you will always be dependent on others. And on your looks. Once that goes, what do you have?

However, if you are going to be…not so academically inclined then you better be good looking. Or the world is going to be a cold, cruel place. Oh to be unattractive AND dumb. You might as well call it a day. Go home, take a sheet of paper and write “Kick Me” and stick it to your shirt. Your one saving grace would be if you had a great personality/out look on life. That could be your one saving grace. You see movies about things like that happening all the time. Doesn’t happen a LOT…but it does happen.

On the other hand, pure intelligence is not enough. According to Daniel Goleman, “Emotional Intelligence” weighs more than IQ in society. And for the most part, I do agree. You know those super brainy people with no people skills? They only go so far in life unless they learn how to deal with people. You steer clear of them. Admit it…you might even make fun of them…all the while wanting them to do your homework. (There are always exceptions to the rule…like Bill Gates. I personally think his wife had a lot to do with that. Doesn’t he seem more ‘personable’ nowadays.)
I bet you could name many people who don’t seem particularly smart, but they are very successful. They know how to work people. They are good at networking. Some would say they are ‘people persons’.

Defense rests.

So maybe I should amend my prayers from first healthy, then intelligence ALONG WITH good social skills.

It keeps getting longer and longer the more I think about it.

No, we just want a healthy child…10 fingers, 10 toes, perfect little bundle of joy.


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