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This mom put a lot of love into old baby clothes and items she made into an activity book for her baby, Lara.
It’s times like this I wish I could sew.

She write a cute poem to go with each page. Too cute!


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I will soon be joining one of the oldest, most exclusive, but inclusive club: Motherhood.

Yes, we are pregnant! All of our doctor’s visits were successful. We are about 19 weeks along.

This sonogram is from an earlier doctor’s appointment. I should be posting the newest one next week sometime. I haven’t posted anything because 1) I didn’t want to write anything about the pregnancy until we passed the first trimester 2) we wanted to let all of our family and friends know before ‘announcing’ it online and 3) this was on my mind a LOT so I really couldn’t write about anything else.

So there you go. We are pregnant…and scared spitless!

It’s too late to think about ‘if we are ready’…kinda too late for that. But still, am I ready to be a good mother?

Being an elementary school teacher, you see day-to-day the things that kids can get into. It’s scary out there!

Please, God…let me be a good mother! Ready or not…here he comes!

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