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MetroDad had this on his blog. We watched it. At first, it was with a “What the heck?” look on our faces…and then you just couldn’t help but laugh along. Watch and see if that doesn’t happen to you, too.

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more about “Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod

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We’ve got to find a name for this boy. The name “Noodles” is just to easy to say. Our friends call him “Noodles”. Our respective co-workers all refer to him as “Noodles”.

I’m afraid he’s going to be a 40 year old man named Noodles. You’ve seen grown men…and some women…with childhood names that they never got rid of: Scooter, Sissy, Goober, etc.

I also just read an article that says there’s a correlation between name and a life of crime.

I’ve found a website that I really liked for ideas on baby names. It’s not a blog. They are actually trying to (more…)

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I felt Noodles’ first kick last night. Actually, I’m not totally sure if it was his FIRST kick. But the first one I recognized.

I never thought I was much of a worrywart…but this pregnancy has me thinking all sorts of ‘what if’ questions.

For example, I didn’t have morning sickness at all. “How lucky!” you say…not if you thought you lost the baby for over a week because ALL of your symptoms just stopped one morning. (so for people feeling miserable…there is an upside to it)

So anyway, here I was at 21 weeks. At the last doctor checkup (20 weeks), the doctor asks, “So you’ve felt the baby kick, right?” “Uh, no.” “Oh.”

Apparently, because I’m considered smaller built, I’m supposed to feel the baby kicking faster (although not as fast as a second time mom) than someone who was a bit heavier…some even feel it at 16 weeks!
So of course I was starting to worry again.

But it might have been kicks…what I thought were gas pangs. (And goodness knows I’ve been gaseous!)

He’s been kicking…and I’ve been pushing back to make him kick some more.

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I am really ‘blossoming’ this week..well, have been for the last week and a half. All of a sudden, my stomach started to grow. And I’ve noticed that I walk leaning back a bit to offset my new weight up front. This isn’t the best view, but my back is really swayed. Noticeably so.

I now have the look of a fertility goddess of ancient civilizations.

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Now both belly and top are growing.
At work, as long as I have a loose fitted shirt on…and standing still, you can’t tell. But when I start walking and the wind blows the shirt against me, you start thinking, “Hm…I wonder if she is pregnant or just gaining weight.”

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So this is two weeks later. Belly looks the same. Up top is where most of the action seems to be.
B says the “Titty Fairy” brought him a gift.
Oy vey.

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Well, this is the first one I’m posting. You can finally see a bump. Most important to note is up top. My ‘girls’ look pretty normal, at this point. (meaning nothing to write home about)

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