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Metrodad had an interesting entry a couple of days ago that made us have a long “discussion”.

I’ve been asking some friends of mine…parents and eductors…their opinion on this subject: is there a time when a little ‘physical persuasion’ is necessary?

I’d like to think Noodles can stand up for himself without resorting to violence. Or make sure he exhausts every other opportunity before he becomes physical. B, on the other hand, thinks as long as he is defending himself, he doesn’t have a problem with Noodles knocking someone on his butt.

Being in education, I figured I’d have more people…females…agree with me. I’ve actually been surprised by the range. I’ve had everything from “DEFINITELY…violence is never an option!” to “I agree with Metrodad. I have no problem with my son defending himself.” (I’m very curious to know if it will also reflect gender lines.)

A female friend put it eloquently: (more…)


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Not ONE person on the team had the brain power to say, “Hey, uh, guys…this may not go over well. We DO want to host the next summer Olympics. Right? Maybe this isn’t a good idea?”

Being PC be damned…it just seems so…1) juvenile for them to do this…and 2) to think this it’s funny boggles the mind. (well, to an immature mind, yes, “ha ha” funny…but for nobody…not one grown person…to think it would offend someone else? Hello! They do realize the Internet is there to spread this picture around!)

Apparently Spain has a long history of being silly…like making jungle/monkey noises at persons of African decent…those crazy Spaniards!

One of the players defends their actions by saying it was a ‘sign of affection’…and “some of my best friends in Toronto are of Chinese origin.” Where have you heard that before? (“Oh of course we’re not prejudiced! Why, some of my best friends are <insert minority group>.”)

Makes you feel like you are back in grade school, no?

I’ve actually lived in Spain for almost 2 months. Lovely people…food, country, etc. But there is no denying that they are not the most ‘polished’ of the European countries. This incident just illustrated the point. It’s like watching children acting “cute” and wanting to be praised for it. How pathetic is that?

And just like a kid, they will keep saying “Well, it wasn’t meant to be racist. It was affectionate! I mean, I do that to all of my ‘oriental’ friends…because I have so many of them…and they LOVE it!” and keep trying to defend themselves…and when they finally get ‘beaten’ down by a parental figure, they do that with a kick of an imaginary stone, hands in pockets, muttering, “I guess I’m sorry.”

Oh grow up, already!

As I have always said I rather know how someone feels…like this group…rather than have them be all ‘happy faced’ in front of me and be totally stupid behind my back. Just makes me sad for them that they can’t see how their actions reflect on them…and on their country.

Other articles related to this topic.

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It amazes me, yet again, how much skin will stretch.
I no longer have an indentation where my belly button used to be. I figure in a few weeks, the ‘turkey popper’ will pop to let me know I am almost done.
As of now, I don’t have stretch marks…but maybe that’s because you can’t see it until you lose the baby pooch. One friend said that she gained 100 pounds with NO stretch marks because she used olive oil religiously. I still have the ‘special oil’ I purchased so I’ll keep that up because it seems to work. But maybe someone else will want to try the olive oil technique.
I saw my OBGYN yesterday for my (now every 2 weeks) checkup. Apparently, Noodles is gettting bigger. In fact one cm bigger than my time would indicate. (That means he’s 2 weeks ahead of when he was conceived.) Does that mean we have a lineback in our future? I just hope he doesn’t have a huge head!

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I have about 2 and a half more months left.
I don’t know if I mentioned this before…but one doctor said I am one week ahead of what the first doctor said I would be due. So I might actually be 30 weeks today. But to keep it uniform, I’ll title my belly pictures by the original time line.

I’m getting more and more uncomfortable as the pregnancy progress.
If I am either laying on my back…or sprawled out on the couch, I can’t seem to breathe very well.
I still get heartburn to end all heartburns. (I lean over to pick up something, I get heartburn!)

AND right now in Dallas, we are the hottest place in the States other than the Mojave Desert. Yeah us.

I am SO ready for this pregnancy to be over.

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Baby Names…the “shortish” list

As B and I are going through baby name books and websites to come up with THE PERFECT NAME for our soon to be born son, we’ve come to the conclusion…it’s not easy picking out a name that this child will have to carry for the rest of his life, good or bad.

Add to the fact that, as a teacher, I have to go through the litany of possible taunts other children will come up with in regards to his name. (and of course the fact that some names I normally would have loved, I can’t give to my child because it reminds me too much of a certain student I had…or that child was so ‘infamous’ in our school that his name is forever linked with the unwanted characteristic of that child.)

So here’s the ‘shorter’ list: (no special order…and sorry about the  caps)

Oh yeah, we did have “Knox” on there…but once Brangelina announced that their new son was named Knox, we couldn’t  do it. (more…)

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