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With all the problems coming out of China…toys, milk, now USED CONDOMS AS HAIR TIES/BANDS?!

I don’t know about you, but when I tie my hair up, I sometimes put the band in my mouth as I brush and smooth my hair. Somehow, I don’t think these used condoms are sterilized first.


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I might be repeating myself…but loved these finds:

HGTV’s Rate My Space – real people upload their rooms, and some of them are amazing:

Exclusively Yours Interiors someone blogging about design…pretty cool

BHG-Design Gallery – more traditional…but some ideas

Design Sponge – lots of ‘before’ & ‘after’

The Nest-designs This is the website that comes after The Knot

PointClickHome – trendy blog

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Yes, I know…they are very trendy now…and have been for a year or two. But I LOVE cupcakes. I always have. There’s something…sweet, nostalgic, satisfying…poetic about that little bit of goodness. For some people, it’s just the perfect amount…not too little, not too much. For others, finishing one leaves you wanting just one more bite.


I haven’t found a good place here in town. <sniff>

We did find a place in NYC. Billy’s. I’ll have to find my sister’s picture of the cupcake I had. It wasn’t a fancy design…but it BEGGED to be eaten.

So if I can’t eat them, I might as well read about them:

Cupcake sites or blogs to get you started:

Cupcakes Take the Cake (This site has a nice list of stores and links.)

Cupcake by Chockylit (unfortunately, she stopped blogging)

52 Cupcakes

Some cakes by ‘real’ people:

Cakes by Ashley (not cupcakes…but still fun to look at)

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I love chocolate again!

Ever since I got pregnant, I had an aversion to chocolate…which is really weird because I LOVE chocolate. And not just your garden variety chocolate. (Hershey’s Kisses…yucky.) Nothings better than good, no GREAT chocolate.

So you can imagine my sadness to lose my love of an old friend.

But it’s back! I just had a WONDERFUL chocolate from New Hampshire. “Handmade Chocolates by Ava Marie”

It was a dark chocolate turtle…and an almond bark. It was so smooth…and not cloyingly sweet. Big nuts to balance everything out.


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As I said, I’m on bed rest now. It’s only the second day so it’s not so bad. I’ve gotten a lot of things done on the phone or by email. (Yes, I was a wee bit annoyed with the people on the other end…but that’s neither here or there.)
I think my belly looks lower now. (the picture was taken a couple of days ago…just now got it downloaded.)
It is truly amazing how your skin can stretch to accommodate the baby. Just when I think there’s no way…it grows again.
I can’t wait to meet him…in a month. Want him to ‘bake’ a little bit more.
I wonder what he will look like? What his personality will be? Will he be always cold like his momma? Or always hot like Daddy? Will he be an artist like my family/relatives? Will he be good with his hands like his daddy’s side?
I think I wonder more and more about this now that the time is drawing closer to the due date.
I can’t wait!

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It happened. I’ve been put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy.

I know once school started, my entries started getting farther and farther apart.

Now that I am on bed rest until Noodles arrives, I will probably update a lot more. THEN stop. For a while.


I am on a different tangent altogether now. (more…)

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If you live in Nebraska, you can legally get rid of him.

Is this a good precedent to set? I mean, as a future mother of a teen boy who I KNOW will drive me nuts from time to time, I can’t imagine just abandoning my boy. This would truly be the mother of all ‘abandonment issues’!

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