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So it’s finally here. The day I get induced.

I’m actually writing this for Noodles so bear with me with the details:

Mommy’s first checkup with Dr. Bookout…he said I’m due October 19th. Went to my regular OBGYN. After a sonogram, she said my due date is the 13th. So went with that. But now we’re thinking…maybe it was the 19th?

So…here we are at 3:13 in the morning of the 17th. I don’t KNOW for sure if I had my first true contraction at 2:40 am. But (more…)


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1. Every time you call someone, you have to preface it by saying “No, no! I’m not calling to tell you I’m in labor!”

2. The last month will kick your butt! I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life.

3. The last week or two before you deliver, you are constantly checking your underwear for something odd…or sometimes the toilet. And is it only me? But every time I do #2 (TMI?) I worry I might start delivering. I know it’s not possible…but still….

4. I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who’s every made an alien/horror movie where something inside the body comes bursting forth HAD to have seen a pregnant woman’s stomach. That rumbling around…odd body parts poking here and there…it’s not that far of a leap to it bursting forth.

5. You learn new words…like “effacing” (does NOT mean the baby is ‘facing’ you, I learned), and “bloody show”…muscus plug (which is as gross as it sounds).

6. You are amazed at what people will tell you about their bodies when you are pregnant…or rather when you are right about to give birth.  Of course you’re telling them about YOUR hemorrhoid, flatulence, enema, etc. so it’s really only fair. Basically, nothing is considered TMI at this point in your life.

7. All sense of privacy is thrown out the window pretty early on. I’ve had so many people poke & prod me, I don’t think twice about taking off my clothes in front of people at my exams. “Oh wait! I’ll leave to give you privacy.”  Why? You’re about to see things not even my husband has seen…or wants to see.

8. Your ability to recognize spatial difference goes out the window the last month of pregnancy. At least it did for me. I went from a relatively small size…or not showing much throughout my pregnancy…to BAM the last month, I GREW like you wouldn’t believe! So that space between the chairs in a restaurant you could squeeze through before? Nope, you can’t anymore. You’re libeled to hit one or the other guy…or both…in the head with your enormous belly. And when you turn sideways to get through a tight squeeze…you’re actually BIGGER in that direction.

9.  Another thing that goes out the window? Grooming. After a certain point, you don’t worry that you haven’t shaved your legs in a couple of month. You really can’t reach your legs without looking like a weird contortionist anyway. And ‘down below’? Ha! I haven’t see that area in more months than I can count!
Besides, do you really want to surprise your OBGYN during the delivery? “Oh, that’s new.  Is that a ducky shape or a teddy bear?” (although, going off on a tangent: women who regularly get Brazilian wax jobs might be able to take the pains of childbirth better than women who don’t, don’t you think?)

10. I’m keeping open because I still have a few more days to go. 🙂

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I’m running out of steam…missed last week because I just didn’t want.
The first trimester, you are exhausted. Second trimester is fine.
This last month has been really kicking my donkey. It’s a good thing I’ve been put on bed rest for the past 2 weeks.
It isn’t as bad as one would think. I have the phone and laptop. I can’t imagine what this would have been like without those two.
A few more weeks to go!

(This was posted a week + later than when I took the picture…just didn’t want to mess with the uploading.)

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This was a cool article…listing the best careers for 2008. Also the most overrated. And jobs to look at in the future.

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