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I’m coming to realize the biological reason for this phenomenon called ‘pregnancy brain’…that lasts well into motherhood. (At least the early part of motherhood. It might last longer, but as I am only experiencing the first part, I can’t corroborate nor can refute it right now.)

This is what I am thinking:

I distinctly remember telling B that Greyson would be an only child. The delivery wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked it. I had water retention to end all water retentions. (I took pictures to prove it!) The breastfeeding experience was and continues to be horrendously painful. It’s the end of the second month, and they still hurt! But I still do it because I know how good it is for the baby.

I was SO SURE I didn’t want another baby.

But now I’m not so sure. I see pictures of my little one so cute and cuddly…and I want another one!
That is why I figure this ‘motherhood amnesia’ is necessary for procreation and the propagation of the species.

How can you look at this face and NOT want another one?!



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If a man comes home to his wife who had their baby a few weeks (even months) ago and say, “So what HAVE you been doing all day.” after looking around the house, I believe you could argue justifiable homicide.


It’s been almost 6 weeks since I had Noodles…but I don’t seem to get anything done other than be a walking milk bottle for him. He’s been eating every 2-3 hours. And realize that he may eat at 2 o’clock…but if he eats 2 hours later, he’s STARTS at 2, finishes at 2:40. THEN AGAIN starts at 4!

Now he’s hitting his second growth spurt. He eats every hour, it seems like. I think my boobs are attached to him more than not. No exaggeration. They are so sore, anything rubbing up against them causes pain.

And I think I have or had everything wrong with breastfeeding possible:

First had bad latching causing cracked, bleeding nipple tips. Then had thrush which feels like needles and razors going through your breast after each feeding or expressing. Now I have vasospasm in both. And in one, have blocked duct in one of the breast. It feels like a hard knot the size of an egg that won’t release even a little without being massaged out. (and when I say ‘massage’, I mean pressing it until you have bruises)

But you know what? Even with all that, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for Noodles. Nothing.

Although I don’t know if I am going to breastfeed for the year I originally thought I was gonna do. I’m thinking more like 6. But it it doesn’t get better, 3 months.

Why do I feel like such a terrible mother?

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Cool thing: 1-800-goog411

As much as I am wary of google and its desire to take over the world, they do have some cool stuff.

Like their documents. I put up spreadsheets and documents and have people edit it, if I want. That’s neat.

And this 1-800-goog411. You call it to find businesses…and you can have them call it for you…for free!

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