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Seems both Noodles and I have a follicle situation. We’re both losing hair!
I was told early on that many women go through a spell of their hair falling out after giving birth. It’s a good thing I read this. Otherwise, I’d be quite concerned that I had some horrible disease!
I have/had long hair…so before the pregnancy, there’s some loss of hair. Normal.
Now, while showering, when I run my fingers through my hair, it will come out in clumps. When I drop it to the floor of the shower, it will literally cover the drain hole and slow down the water drainage.
I know our body does weird things at times…and there’s a biological reason for these things. But what’s the reason for the hair falling out after giving birth?
The only reason I can think of is that the baby’s gonna pull out your hair anyway, so why not just let it fall and save the Momma some time and pain?
Noodles’ hair loss, on the other hand, is partly self afflicted. Like many babies, he has a bald spot on the back of his head where he rubs it against his bed. Unfortunately, that’s not all for him. He has several bald spots here and there. I found myself doing a ‘baby comb-over’ with the hair next to the bald spot. It doesn’t look too bad right now…but when he loses that section, I’m going to get him a baby toupee. Or just take Vin Diesel or Michael Jordan’s route and preemptively shave it all off!
update: Oh, good night, Nelly! There is such a thing as ‘baby toupee’. Thank goodness these are for a joke. (unlike baby false teeth those eerie pageant mommas custom make for their JonBenet Babies)


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