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So I’m pregnant with our second…and craving Buffalo wings. I’ve always loved Wingstop in the past…luscious, plump drumettes…finger-licking wings. The original sauce was just spicy enough for this pregnant Momma. (their fries weren’t bad, as well)

We ordered some.

Boy, were we disappointed.
These were the puniest, most annorexic chicken wings I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing…the whole lot of them.
I was so disappointed, I even took a picture of it. (I placed a quarter next to it so you can visually see how small…go ahead: take out a quarter and imagine how disappointingly small these were!) And I didn’t just pick out the smallest. The anomaly in both boxes were the two lonely “normal” sized wings amongst the pygmy wings.

It’s really too bad. I really did like their food…one of the few ‘fast food’ places I actually liked.
I plan on writing Wingstop. I hope they see the errors of their way and go back to their roots.


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