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I noticed I haven’t posted anything since January…8 months ago.

To be honest, I’m surprised I even posted then. I must have been really annoyed with the wings at the time.

Well, what’s happened since then?
Had another baby…a little girl. She was a “teeny” baby of 8 pounds 3 ounces. To the World, a goodly sized baby. To us, an amazingly small baby. (Remember big brother, Noodles, was over 10 pounds with the head of a large melon.)

I was reminded that God has a sense of humor:
I was SO SURE our little girl, “L”, was going to have a huge noggin like Noodles. He was and is still off the charts in head size. Like his father and paternal grandfather, he’ll probably will always have to custom make his hats. But L? She came out with her head in the 25% of all babies her age.

I could have passed her easy! 🙂
If you put her next to Noodles, in fruit terms, it was a navel orange next to a good size honeydew.

But back to the title of this entry:

I’ve always said that this blog would reflect my life…and where I am at the time I am writing it.
I started of just writing about things that interested me. Then it was all about trying to get pregnant. Then about how wonderful it was being a mother.

Then I got pregnant. Fast.

We had so much drama getting pregnant with Noodles I (again God’s sense of humor and timing) thought, surely, it would be a couple of years at least to get pregnant again. And this time, if it happens, it happens. No ‘helping’ the situation. I truly would have been happy with one child. He was so wonderful, he would have been enough.

Little Girl happened two months after we tried.

Then I got tired. And busy.

In the list of things that are important, blogging is pretty low on the list for me. But I did miss it. Every now and then I would think this or that would be a great topic to write about…or I’ll have to remember to do this later. Sometimes, something struck me so intensely, I came back to do a draft to remind myself. (Those I will finish and post…although it may not make much sense chronologically.)

But I digress. The Metamorphosis.

Now this blog is going to be more of a diary for me (Yes, maybe a little weird to blog a diary, but I type MUCH faster than I write. And as long as the Internet is around, I figure I can find my blog. I can’t say the same thing for an actual diary book.)…and later something for my children to read. I’d like them to know their mother was a person who loved them…had lots to share…had faults, wishes & desires…and at times, was funny.

Who knows how long this site will continue. But when they get older, I will give them a link to this. Or copy all of my entries and save it to give to them.

Noodles is going to start school a couple of days a week after Labor Day. I’m hoping if L will let me, I’d blog at least a couple of times a month. I’ll be happy with once a month right now.

So my journey starts…already started in Life…now in print.


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