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My Bookshelf

I found a nifty way to keep a list of my more recent book acquisitions. I won’t even try to go back to the rest of my collection. That’s just crazy talk. I have too many to list. But these are my current interests.

Or if you want to just see the book covers, try this.

Yes, it is a Google product…and they do seem like they want to take over the world. But they make things so easy. I couldn’t resist.

From now on, I’ll add as I get them. Hopefully that’ll be easier than trying to remember what I purchased or received recently.

I’ve added to the Blogroll and put an RSS link.


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I take pride in providing a well rounded collection of reading materials for the guests who will inevitably visit the bathroom in our home. I’m not joking. I put a lot of thought into this!

I don’t know about you, but I feel bathroom time is prime reading time. It’s a good thing I married someone who believes this, as well.
Pre-B, the powder room was very dramatic: midnight blue on all walls and ceiling with homemade potato star stencils sprinkled very artistically. I was quite proud of it. But when B started to come over more often, that kind of became ‘his’ bathroom. He would complain that it was just too dark to read in it. In fact, he complained so often (even though he says he didn’t) that I totally changed the decor in there for blaringly bright lemon yellow and just enough black accent to keep you from going blind. I don’t think he’s a fan…but at least he can’t complain he can’t see what he’s reading.

But I digress. (more…)

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