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I might be repeating myself…but loved these finds:

HGTV’s Rate My Space – real people upload their rooms, and some of them are amazing:

Exclusively Yours Interiors someone blogging about design…pretty cool

BHG-Design Gallery – more traditional…but some ideas

Design Sponge – lots of ‘before’ & ‘after’

The Nest-designs This is the website that comes after The Knot

PointClickHome – trendy blog


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B and our friends have been having babies around the same time left and right. Which is really nice once we have our own…many ready made playmates. But with so many babies around, talk turns to…well, baby things. Right now, a few of us were talking about the ideal baby room. So for this post, I’m linking all the different rooms I’ve found that I liked. Especially cute decorations.
At the very bottom are the vinyl wall art that I just LOVE! No commitment, just great graphic designs.
I’ll keep adding as I find them.

I’m looking for more graphic rooms than “cutesy”. Any suggestions? Of course this list is ongoing and will be updated as I find more.

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I don’t know how long it took these women…and I am assuming it is a group of women doing it…to make these creations, but the results are…well, actually two-folds.

1) These are amazing! Out of a lowly item comes such beautiful creations. The craftman/womanship! Brava!

Or 2) Oh-my-gosh. What the heck?! How many hours/days did it take them to do this? Is this the female version of ‘extreme eating’ (which, btw, is NOT a sport!) or memorizing all the lines of a movie?

Well, it is pretty. And I’m sure very useful in a public bathroom

Link to the contest site…you can enter for the 2007 contest!

They’ll have the winner AND runner(s) up. You gotta see them!

For the 2005 winners… but this one looks like she cheated…have YOU seen toilet paper like her bodice?


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Baby stuff

I’ve always been fascinated with carousel horses…and rocking horses that have the same quality. This is the most beautiful rocking horse I’ve seen. And for the cost of these things, they’d better be. At over 2K (starting!), you’d have to strap your kid on for a few years to get your money’s worth.

I’d like to see someone use this before I purchase one. But I have a suspicion that the idea is better than the practicality of it. However, it’s still cool looking.

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My right brain appreciates the randomness of this…it is kinda cool. But my librarian side begs to ask, “Why?!”

You have to click on the pictures to get the full effect:

I love to keep my cereal somewhat crunchy…as much as the next person. I’m always looking for a great way to keep it crunchy and my milk cold. I have yet to find the ‘perfect’ method. This…again…hm.

Eat Me Crunchy Milk Bowl


Oh! And I accidentally found a CEREAL RESTAURANT. Go figure!

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Every time I go to NYC, I find that my design ‘style’ is more and more urban eclectic (with Bohemian thrown in) than suburban traditional.

You might be asking, “Didn’t you know this before” Well, no. I never really thought about it.

I’ve pretty much ‘made do’ with furniture my parents gave me when they decided to live abroad. I’ve only purchased very few pieces…but bought those to go with the hand-me-downs. So I’ve never really developed my own style.

I think my taste will always evolve…but I KNOW it’s never going to be English chintz…or French countryside that seems to be so popular here in Dallas. I can make-do with those, too, if I were given these pieces. But I wouldn’t go out and buy them.

So here are some of my favorites:

Found Apartment Therapy to feed my Loft/Urban living habit. Has tons of links to anything you want to find about this subject.

Now if I could find an old…but solid…bricked factory that can be renovated into a multi-storied loft apartment.

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Generally, I don’t much care for reality TV. However, I started to watch HGTV’s Design Star (2007). The contestants are/were pretty unique: Lisa and her opposite skunk hair, “Sparkles” with his je ne sais quoi (is that how you spell it?), and Neeraja…kinda scary chick. But the one that stands out the most is Todd Davis. He is the poster child for ADHD. He cannot sit still! And he seems to have a strange aversion to clothing. More often than not, he has his shirt off. And I reckon he’d be butt nekkid if he the show would let him.
But I must give him his props. The first individual design was AWESOME! You can tell when he was doing the background that he had drawing skills. Totally loved his design.

Now would I have him be my interior designer? Heck no!

I don’t think he’s going to win. As interesting as he is to watch, I feel jittery after watching him…like I had one too many cups of espresso.

Of course, I wouldn’t put money on my guesses. 🙂aftertodd.jpg

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