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I got this a while ago back. Made me laugh until I practically wet myself.

I’m cleaning out my email box because I’m constantly getting ‘your mailbox is full’ reminders.

So I don’t lose it, posting it here for ‘safe keeping’ and for others to enjoy. (more…)


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I’m actually putting this in here today to have a link. But if you want snark, he’s a master at it!

He writes about his opinion on the ‘stars’ of Food Network. I hate meanness…but it’s like a car accident you can look away from. And he’s over the top…so you take everything he says with a grain of salt. “There goes Tony again.” *shaking head*

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Creepy Old Ads

I just had to share this. Click on the link for more ads. (although a few, I don’t know why they are there)

Can you imagine seeing these ads in your magazine? Crazy, man!

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Um…there are no words to describe this…or to figure out WHY someone would want to buy this for a child. I’m thinking s/he doesn’t need visuals to know the difference…but that’s just me.

I think I’m going to have to add a new category: WHY.

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70’s fashion:  Click here if you yearn for those ‘good ol days’ of 70’s fashion…remember it being the coolest ever…and ‘kids nowadays’ aren’t nearly as ‘stylish’ as when you were a kid/teen.
Of course all the movies coming out revisiting those bygone era always make the clothes so hip looking.

Just click on the link above. You’ll have one of two reactions: 1) laugh your ass off thinking to yourself, “What were they thinking?!” OR 2) cringe and make yourself a Tom Collins to forget.

Thanks, Jello, for sharing! 🙂

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Krispy Kreme in Japan

My friend in Japan sent this picture to me. This is one of two Krispy Kremes in all of Japan. The sign is at the end of the line letting those considering buying how long it will take.


Um…I don’t think I’d wait in line for over an hour for DONUTS.

Although, I DO love a ‘off the conveyor belt’ donut they hand you when you walk in. I wonder if they do that in Japan? Give you a freebie? I digress…but sometimes, all I really want is ONE donut. But since they just gave it to you, how can you walk out? “Oh, nothing for me. That one just hit the spot!” That just seems so…tacky. I’ve heard of parents who will drive up with a car load of kids…have the kids run in, grab one, and go home. How tacky is that?!

But back on topic…uh, where was I? Dunno.

Oh well.

Donuts. <drool>

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I don’t know how long this will show up, but a mom of 6 sold a set of regular Pokemon cards for $142.51. Why? Because of the story of how she had the cards to start with. Very funny. Then she is (at this time) selling ONE, NEW TOTE PATTERN…and as of 11:36pm Central Time, it’s going for $210.50. But she throws in the S/H for free.

I’m jealous I didn’t think to write the stories to go along with what I was selling first. Goodness knows, the things I sell for my sister has weird or odd stories to go with them.

Her blog is just more stories like her listings. Very funny stuff.

Oh, some guy in Great Britain apparently copied her entire story for the Pokemon cards as his own on eBay. His listing has been yanked. The gall!

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