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B and I have wonderful neighbors next door. Hemingway, our Highly Lovable and Extraordinarily Intelligent Pooch, would be lost without them. But more specifically, their dog, Riley.

This is the first day they met…when Hemingway was about 8 weeks old:

Hemi was about 5 pounds here. (He is now a strapping 17 or 18 pounder!)

Riley stays outside when they are at work. And in the beginning, I’d take Hemingway over once (more…)


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There are certain things that make me happy…inexplicably happy. I’m not talking about big, costly things. I am talking about those small things…or moments that make you sudden say, “Aaaawwww!” or “Aahhhhhh!”


  1. Driving on a newly paved road…smooth!
  2. When you wake up in the morning and realize you had the yummiest sleep ever and feeling totally refreshed.
  3. Eat a delicious meal and you have to dance in your seat…or make yum-yum noises…without meaning to.
  4. When my puppy plops himself right next to me, hangs his head on my thigh, & looks up at me with his puppy-dog eyes.
  5. When B does the housework without me asking him.
  6. Right after a rainstorm…the smell of clean earth. Actually, the smell of clean dirt when I am gardening. I like good dirt!
  7. A nice evening in with a group of friends and good food…and great conversation.
  8. A funny thought…something that strikes your funny bone and you laugh and laugh and laugh. The next day your stomach hurts.
  9. The slow smile of a solemn child. Most kids smile a lot. With a few, you feel blessed with he shines that smile towards you. It just seems to suddenly brighten his/her face…and my day. Of course a tight hug from any child is great.
  10. Finding a pair of jeans/pants that make your butt look great.

What makes you smile?

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Texas…Summer…days hitting at or above 100 this week.
Enough said.

Air conditioning is something you take for granted…until you don’t have it. And if it happens right in the middle of summer in Texas, BOY, does it matter!
How did the pioneers do it? Do you think people were just used to it? Or did many people died from heat stroke? Or is this all an Inconvenient Truth? (dum dum dum) Although this isn’t nearly as hot as when I was a little. I don’t remember it much…but I remember people talking about it. There were even T-shirts that read “I survived the Texas Heatwave.” Several people died during that time, too. (more…)

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My mom once told me that when I was a baby, I was ‘toddling’ into everything. Curious little thing. Haven’t changed much.

One day, my dad had been painting with oils and forgot to put up his things before he went to work. I, being the precocious child that I was, had to investigate his workspace. Apparently a tube interested me greatly, and I preceded to eat it.
That is when my mother found me. She said she rushed me to the hospital in a panic. Since I am writing this story, one can assume everything turned out okay. I even joke that art is in my blood…quite literally.

Well, that was a preface to this story:

This weekend, our furry baby suddenly start to hack and gag on something. I made sure he was able to breathe…but obviously something was caught in his throat. I was so panicked…all these thoughts (more…)

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I don’t know where I read it, but it said “Dull women have immaculate homes.”
I should have this tattooed. It’s my mantra. It’s my war cry! I am Woman, see me walk by the cobwebs!
Anytime someone comes over and I imagine (generally women) giving the house the “once over” and an almost imperceptible, disdainful sniff, I have to admit my hackles rise, and I feel very defensive. The desire to explain why the house is in such a mess rises like champagne bubbles…tickling and tickling me until I can’t take it anymore. “Whahadhappenedwas, you see, I was busy, and I….”
I gotta get over it…or clean!
Why do I talk about this now? Well, our new pup likes to go exploring around the house. Invariably he’ll come back just covered in cobwebs and dust bunnies. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t cough up a hairball soon!
I feel so bad when I hear him hacking like an old geezer with emphysema. Do you think I could make him have allergies or asthma?
Seriously…I feel bad for the little pup.

In any case…I really should dust more often….and I’ll get to it…right after I finish reading my stack of books, cooking, updating this blog, etc.

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And so it begins…

hemi2.jpgWell, I can check one more off on my summer ‘to do’ list-start a real blog of my own…a diary really because I keep saying I will…and now that I have no excuse about time, I better do it. I did have one somewhere else…but in the two-three years I had it, I only wrote it in once a few months. Got kinda boring.

So I’m trying to have a good foundation to build on this summer…and come back when I have time to update and add on.
That’s the plan anyway.

If you are not me…and you are continuing to read this, you should know I will most likely will keep updating it even after I publish it…because that’s just how I am. And no, I do not have a problem with perfectionism. No. I just want it done right, is all. <a very small joke…okay so it’s not so funny>

So I’m sitting in bed with Hemi (aka The Smartest Puppy in the World) in his crate having puppy dreams and HoneyB (henceforth to be known simply as “B”) tossing and turning. It’s about 3:30 in the morning. I can’t sleep. B is doing weird things with his arm. He sticks his left arm straight into the air…all the while sleeping. Strange.

Anyway, the History Channel is on. You know, I used to really enjoy watching the History Channel. Then one day, I was getting into some show about Egypt and the pyramids…until they got to the part about ALIENS COMING DOWN to build them. What the …?!
At first I thought it was a fluke. I watched again. Then they do weird-ass things about Big Foot…is he real? Or spaceships over…I don’t know, you pick a place.
WHY? I like to think I am a pretty open minded person. But aliens, Big Foot, etc. aren’t technically history, are they?

I digress. Oh, I do that often, too.

So the adventure begins.

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