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Krispy Kreme in Japan

My friend in Japan sent this picture to me. This is one of two Krispy Kremes in all of Japan. The sign is at the end of the line letting those considering buying how long it will take.


Um…I don’t think I’d wait in line for over an hour for DONUTS.

Although, I DO love a ‘off the conveyor belt’ donut they hand you when you walk in. I wonder if they do that in Japan? Give you a freebie? I digress…but sometimes, all I really want is ONE donut. But since they just gave it to you, how can you walk out? “Oh, nothing for me. That one just hit the spot!” That just seems so…tacky. I’ve heard of parents who will drive up with a car load of kids…have the kids run in, grab one, and go home. How tacky is that?!

But back on topic…uh, where was I? Dunno.

Oh well.

Donuts. <drool>


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