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Pains of Motherhood

1. Stretchmarks and C-section scar…
2. Heartburn like you wouldn’t believe. Almost would rather not eat than have to deal with it.
3. Gaining weight/bloating: even if you do manage to lose ‘baby weight’, your body will never look like it did BB. “Before Baby”
4. Memory loss: I thought I was going crazy until I read it’s a common thing. If you give me a list of things to do, you lose me at #2.
5. Constipation/hemorrhoids…always ask for the prenatal vitamins with ‘stool softener’. You’ll thank me for this piece of advice.
6. Breasts making a run for the border…the southern border.
7. Breasts sore…or other problems. (thrush, vasospasm, blocked duct, cracking/bleeding, etc.)
8. Hair falling out in clumps. Last time I was in the shower, I had to move the clump to the side for the water to drain. No exaggeration. I don’t need to.
9. Surviving on 3 hours of sleep a DAY. (which probably leads to #4…and possibly #8, too.)
10. Fractured tailbone…you have to sit on a donut, get steroids injected directly into your spine, or surgery.

I list all these not to bellyache about motherhood. In fact, I list these to illustrate how MUCH I love my son.

If I had to do the pregnancy all over again, and knowing these were in store for me…ALL OF THESE and more, I’d do in a second…to have my baby.
How crazy is that? Must be love. 🙂


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weddingpicture.jpgIn honor of our first wedding anniversary, I am reposting the “How We Met” page of our wedding website. (which I just found out that I somehow didn’t download all of the pages. So sad! 😦 ) I had updated with more information of that New Years party…like how our friend received her BBB nickname…and all of my witty commentaries that were priceless. <sigh>

So here it is a copy of the first draft I found on my computer…Happy Anniversary, Darling! Love you!

How B and The Jennifer Met

Oh, Honey. You start.

New Years Eve of 2003

No, you told me you noticed me a long time ago before then.

Okay, yes I noticed you but I barely spoke 5 words to you. I remember meeting you in Fellowship Church when you were working the Hospitality with Lee Ann and Ed.


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