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Yes, I know…they are very trendy now…and have been for a year or two. But I LOVE cupcakes. I always have. There’s something…sweet, nostalgic, satisfying…poetic about that little bit of goodness. For some people, it’s just the perfect amount…not too little, not too much. For others, finishing one leaves you wanting just one more bite.


I haven’t found a good place here in town. <sniff>

We did find a place in NYC. Billy’s. I’ll have to find my sister’s picture of the cupcake I had. It wasn’t a fancy design…but it BEGGED to be eaten.

So if I can’t eat them, I might as well read about them:

Cupcake sites or blogs to get you started:

Cupcakes Take the Cake (This site has a nice list of stores and links.)

Cupcake by Chockylit (unfortunately, she stopped blogging)

52 Cupcakes

Some cakes by ‘real’ people:

Cakes by Ashley (not cupcakes…but still fun to look at)


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I am finally getting to our quick long weekend trip to one of our favorite cities: New York City. B has Columbus day off, and so did I. Even though it was going to be a very short trip there and back, a little NYC is better than no NYC at all.

I’ve been going there at least 2 times a year for almost a decade. Now I just go to ‘hang’ out at my sister’s apartment and walk around…more than seeing all the sites. B is still a ‘tourist’. But we both agreed this was too short of a trip to really plan tourist stops. SO…I suggested an epicurean’s foray.

What’s a ‘epicurean’s foray’? Well, it’s planning a trip around a list of things you want to eat. Of course we had our ‘usuals’: Gray’s Papaya’s (we did try other places…like The Papaya King…but nope, Gray’s is better!) and eating at the Chelsea Market Place (always a good choice…fresh stuff…home of the Food Network…FRESH fish!)

This time we wanted to try different stuff we saw mentioned on TV or places my sisters been wanting to try…or share with us: (more…)

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My sister’s new digs in NYC

We got back from a very quick trip to NYC. My sister has been living there for about 10 years now. I’ve been going to visit her once or twice a year for almost as long. I don’t feel like a tourist when I go…I just ‘hang’ and look around, if I want…sleep in, if I want. As I have said, B’s never been before me. He didn’t think he’d like it…but HE IS THE BIGGEST NYC NERD! 🙂

The first time we got back, he’d have the subway map we bought on his lap when we would watch Law and Order. Every time you hear that dum dum and a location flashes on the screen, it’s almost like he was testing his ‘knowledge’ of the city. After a couple of trips, he was so proud: “I know where that is! That’s like ___ blocks up from your sister’s!” or whatever.
It was very cute.

But I digress. (more…)

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