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So I’m pregnant with our second…and craving Buffalo wings. I’ve always loved Wingstop in the past…luscious, plump drumettes…finger-licking wings. The original sauce was just spicy enough for this pregnant Momma. (their fries weren’t bad, as well)

We ordered some.

Boy, were we disappointed.
These were the puniest, most annorexic chicken wings I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing…the whole lot of them.
I was so disappointed, I even took a picture of it. (I placed a quarter next to it so you can visually see how small…go ahead: take out a quarter and imagine how disappointingly small these were!) And I didn’t just pick out the smallest. The anomaly in both boxes were the two lonely “normal” sized wings amongst the pygmy wings.

It’s really too bad. I really did like their food…one of the few ‘fast food’ places I actually liked.
I plan on writing Wingstop. I hope they see the errors of their way and go back to their roots.


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Pains of Motherhood

1. Stretchmarks and C-section scar…
2. Heartburn like you wouldn’t believe. Almost would rather not eat than have to deal with it.
3. Gaining weight/bloating: even if you do manage to lose ‘baby weight’, your body will never look like it did BB. “Before Baby”
4. Memory loss: I thought I was going crazy until I read it’s a common thing. If you give me a list of things to do, you lose me at #2.
5. Constipation/hemorrhoids…always ask for the prenatal vitamins with ‘stool softener’. You’ll thank me for this piece of advice.
6. Breasts making a run for the border…the southern border.
7. Breasts sore…or other problems. (thrush, vasospasm, blocked duct, cracking/bleeding, etc.)
8. Hair falling out in clumps. Last time I was in the shower, I had to move the clump to the side for the water to drain. No exaggeration. I don’t need to.
9. Surviving on 3 hours of sleep a DAY. (which probably leads to #4…and possibly #8, too.)
10. Fractured tailbone…you have to sit on a donut, get steroids injected directly into your spine, or surgery.

I list all these not to bellyache about motherhood. In fact, I list these to illustrate how MUCH I love my son.

If I had to do the pregnancy all over again, and knowing these were in store for me…ALL OF THESE and more, I’d do in a second…to have my baby.
How crazy is that? Must be love. 🙂

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And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

There are some really militant ‘breastfeed only’ advocates out there. They LOOK like normal people. But as soon as you even mention ‘formula’, they get all weird and glaze over.

I KNOW breastfeeding is best. But when you have a 10+ baby who is HUNGRY, and your milk hasn’t come in yet so that little amount of colostrum is all you have, you HAVE to supplement. But she was like, “No, try to do it without.” My baby was starving. Finally, she said, “Well, if you must, give him an ounce of formula.” One ounce?! He can drink that in one suck. Even the nursery nurse said, “She doesn’t see what we see…how hungry he gets. Just feed him 2 ounces if he’s still hungry.”

I felt like a terrible mother. I even cried because how awful I felt…and was made to feel.And he lost so much weight.

My milk has come in…but there are still times when I have to supplement because he’s hit a growth spur and still needs a little extra.

I don’t think I can do this breastfeeding thing for a year. My goal is to do it for 6 months. I’ll even be happy with 3 good months. But I know, I KNOW, breastmilk is best so will try. Thank goodness Nelle got us the Medela breast pump. A godsend!

For those women who can breastfeed and produce enough for their babies, kudos for you. But please don’t make the rest of us feel like terrible mothers because we can’t make enough…or have the babies latch properly. We’re doing the best we can. Even a formula fed baby is better than a starving, emaciated one.

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It happened. I’ve been put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy.

I know once school started, my entries started getting farther and farther apart.

Now that I am on bed rest until Noodles arrives, I will probably update a lot more. THEN stop. For a while.


I am on a different tangent altogether now. (more…)

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I have about 2 and a half more months left.
I don’t know if I mentioned this before…but one doctor said I am one week ahead of what the first doctor said I would be due. So I might actually be 30 weeks today. But to keep it uniform, I’ll title my belly pictures by the original time line.

I’m getting more and more uncomfortable as the pregnancy progress.
If I am either laying on my back…or sprawled out on the couch, I can’t seem to breathe very well.
I still get heartburn to end all heartburns. (I lean over to pick up something, I get heartburn!)

AND right now in Dallas, we are the hottest place in the States other than the Mojave Desert. Yeah us.

I am SO ready for this pregnancy to be over.

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I am learning there are several things I have taken for granted during this pregnancy.

For example, I miss the following things:

1. Chicken: we used to love chicken in any form. But now, the texture of it…the taste…I don’t really like. I can still eat it, but the sauce has to mask the flavor of the chicken. Especially the dark meat.

2. Spicy foods: I love spicy foods still…just can’t have it as much. Heartburn. So before eating, I have to decide whether eating it is worth it. It’s funny…’use it or lose it’ also applies to spicy foods. Before I could eat a bunch of jalapenos. Now I’m grabbing for water after 2 or 3. B laughs at me. I’m such a wuss.

3. Being able to walk out of a room without being self conscious about the back of my legs.
Yeah, I know. Shallow. But what can I say? <shrug>

4. Cute clothes I can just pull out of the closet & wear: The first trimester was great. My boobs were getting larger, and I was able to wear clothes in a new way…and I looked good. (I also learned that if ever I got a boob job, I shouldn’t get anything larger than a full C. Ds on my frame would look cartoonish. Good thing to know, right?) Oh, back to clothes. Anyway, even when I was able to wear ‘normal’ clothing during 1st & 2nd trimester, I couldn’t wear everything I wanted without looking funny. I don’t know if I’ll get my 25″ waist back. *sigh*

5. Chocolate: Oh how I miss chocolate! I used to LOVE love chocolate. Now…eh…not so much. I can still eat it, but it just doesn’t taste…right. The other day, had half of a chocolate candy bar. I couldn’t finish it because it was too sweet. I really hope I go back to normal after Noodles is born.

How could I forget?

I miss being able to flop down on my stomach any time, any where.

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Being a teacher, I’m off for the summer. I don’t have to do anything. But I did promise myself to get up with my honey, change clothes, do my morning ablution, etc. I think I stayed in my sleepwear until noon two days. Not bad. Right? 🙂

As this is my very last summer of doing what “I” want, I decided to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted.

For example, I tried watching TV…you know, turn on the TV in the morning and channel surf…watching whatever catches my fancy…ALL DAY LONG. I made it through one day of that. And even that was a struggle. Most of the time, I just had it on as background noise. There was really nothing on that I’d want to watch every single day. By the second day, even the noise was bothersome. So most of the day, I don’t even have the TV on.

I do watch some. Like the baby shows on TLC. Well, I did. After a week of that, I was getting too much information about the whole childbirth thing. And every now and then, I’d catch Oprah when she was doing topics that was of interest to me. (No, I don’t normally watch her. It’s just a ‘once in a while’ thing.)

This Thursday, she reran one that I missed the first time around about child pornography. (more…)

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