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I started this when my parents were here for my baby boy’s first birthday. I just didn’t have time to finish, but I really wanted to write this down for the kids to read later. I wanted them to read how much their grandparents loved them. And how different they were with me and my sister…and how time changes people.

The first time my parents met my Noodles was when he was born. Not much fun…eat, cry, sleep, poo. Repeat.

THIS was the first time they were getting to interact with him…in his one year old glory.  He is so funny, charming…and starting to be a little toot with his foray into independence.

As my parents were playing with him, all I could do was stare at them and think to myself, “Who ARE these people?”

We had it in our ‘things to do’ list to baby proof the house later…the door knobs, drawers, cabinet doors, etc.  I had sporadically started putting safety devices…a little bit here, a little bit there. But Noodles didn’t get around much so I thought I had time.

My dad got right on it.
He finished the living room and the kitchen.
 THEN he went back and took off all the knobs on the drawers that had them.
I purchased these little silicon things that you put on the corners to soften it for a child’s head, which I already had on some of the corners. I guess my dad didn’t think those were on there good enough because he put duct tape on top of it. (In his defense, Noodles would be able to pull them off when he got older. AND my dad did ask for tape but all I had was duct tape.) THEN he went back to the drawers and duct taped those shut. (These are the same drawers with the security tab AND the knobs taken off.)
Suddenly there was duct tape all over the place! You’d think I deliberately went out and purchased wood furniture with this silver-ish detail.

Poor Hubby held his tongue. He just pulled me over and pointed. All he said was, “You know if you leave the tape on there the wood will discolor.”

When they left, we took off the tape. I wish I took pictures. Looking back, it’s pretty funny…and sweet.

Now we Skype. They can see everything Noodles is doing. And what he gets on.
So our conversation is something like:
“Yes, we are fine. We went to…OH NO, Noodles! Get him down! He’s going to fall.”
“No, Dad, he’s fine. It’s just the sofa.”
“What if he flips over?”
“Well, then he’ll learn not to do it again.”
“You should move the sofa over there.”
“Then he’ll climb up and get to the tv…or over the railing. We’ll just leave it here.”

Seriously, if they had their way, everything in the house would be bubble wrapped and all of the furniture taken out. This is only a couple of examples of what they did, but you get the picture. We had a version of this conversation at least once a week. It does get a little exasperating, but I know they mean well. 

THESE are the same people who told me and my sister to get the scissors…and “Hurry up! What’s taking so long?!”
Or on family car vacations, they let us lay across the back of the car…right under the window over the stereo speakers.
Or “Why are you crying? It’ll stop bleeding soon.”

I called them on it. They just laughed: “Really? We did that?”

When I read this article, I wasn’t surprised that children were much safer with grandparents than anyone else…even their own parents! (based on this study)

I really wish they were here. I miss them. Maybe I could put some duct tape around the house.

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Seems both Noodles and I have a follicle situation. We’re both losing hair!
I was told early on that many women go through a spell of their hair falling out after giving birth. It’s a good thing I read this. Otherwise, I’d be quite concerned that I had some horrible disease!
I have/had long hair…so before the pregnancy, there’s some loss of hair. Normal.
Now, while showering, when I run my fingers through my hair, it will come out in clumps. When I drop it to the floor of the shower, it will literally cover the drain hole and slow down the water drainage.
I know our body does weird things at times…and there’s a biological reason for these things. But what’s the reason for the hair falling out after giving birth?
The only reason I can think of is that the baby’s gonna pull out your hair anyway, so why not just let it fall and save the Momma some time and pain?
Noodles’ hair loss, on the other hand, is partly self afflicted. Like many babies, he has a bald spot on the back of his head where he rubs it against his bed. Unfortunately, that’s not all for him. He has several bald spots here and there. I found myself doing a ‘baby comb-over’ with the hair next to the bald spot. It doesn’t look too bad right now…but when he loses that section, I’m going to get him a baby toupee. Or just take Vin Diesel or Michael Jordan’s route and preemptively shave it all off!
update: Oh, good night, Nelly! There is such a thing as ‘baby toupee’. Thank goodness these are for a joke. (unlike baby false teeth those eerie pageant mommas custom make for their JonBenet Babies)

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I’m coming to realize the biological reason for this phenomenon called ‘pregnancy brain’…that lasts well into motherhood. (At least the early part of motherhood. It might last longer, but as I am only experiencing the first part, I can’t corroborate nor can refute it right now.)

This is what I am thinking:

I distinctly remember telling B that Greyson would be an only child. The delivery wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked it. I had water retention to end all water retentions. (I took pictures to prove it!) The breastfeeding experience was and continues to be horrendously painful. It’s the end of the second month, and they still hurt! But I still do it because I know how good it is for the baby.

I was SO SURE I didn’t want another baby.

But now I’m not so sure. I see pictures of my little one so cute and cuddly…and I want another one!
That is why I figure this ‘motherhood amnesia’ is necessary for procreation and the propagation of the species.

How can you look at this face and NOT want another one?!


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Cool thing: 1-800-goog411

As much as I am wary of google and its desire to take over the world, they do have some cool stuff.

Like their documents. I put up spreadsheets and documents and have people edit it, if I want. That’s neat.

And this 1-800-goog411. You call it to find businesses…and you can have them call it for you…for free!

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It’s been a while since I wrote…and I figure it’ll be that way for a while now. I’m going to try to post in order so I don’t get messed up. But again, this is going to be a slow process. Lack of sleep, you understand.

Greyson was a rather ‘husky’ little boy. He was a surprise in size for everybody…including the OBGYN.


Oct. 17, 2008, 8:40pm
10 lb 1 oz.
21.5″ long

Oh, btw, he is SO amazing! I’m being totally unbiased here. You can tell he is! 🙂

My friend, Jello, asked me to tell her when I KNEW I was ‘in love’. I think it took me 3 days. The first two days I was so out of sorts from the medication and all. But it just happened. All those things you hear…”You’ll understand when you are a mother.” and all…I UNDERSTAND now. I can’t think of anything I won’t do for this little boy.
I would be a lot more polished in my speech but so tired…just getting this out is saying something.

Delivery Day:

Went in 5:30am, admitted. Started Pitocin. Not much happened. To be honest, the contractions weren’t bad. (but I must admit, I probably have a higher pain tolerance than average) The doctor and nurses kept asking did I want the epidural. But I didn’t think I needed it until right before I had to push in the evening…5pm or so.
I actually had a ‘full house’ in the delivery room with my sister, Donna, Nelle, my mother, and B all there to cheer me on. After a certain point, I really didn’t care who saw what. 🙂

I started to push in earnest for 3 hours…that was so tiring. Dr. Limosnero said his head was starting to swell and was no lower. We might want to consider a C-section…I’ve done everything I could. He just didn’t seem to want to come out that way.

So the room was clear. I was wheeled into the OR with B. They upped the meds through the epidural. The normal cutting, etc. So I finally feel a little tug…then more…than much more forcefully. And pain. I must have wimpered because he put more meds in me. More tugging that felt like my insides were being pulled out.

I felt B get tense next to me. But I do remember asking him, “Did you take a picture?”
I didn’t find out until later that B wasn’t even given the option to cut the cord because Greyson wasn’t breathing for a bit from the stress of the delivery. He was so large that the normal cut for the C-section wasn’t large enough for him. After trying to tug him out, they had to cut into the muscle of my stomach crossway to make enough room to get him out.

After this, everything was wrapped in cotton in my head. Don’t remember who was there…what they said. Even when they put Greyson next to me, I don’t remember much of it. I couldn’t hold him in my arms as the medication gave me no control.

Next day was much the same…fuzziness. People coming in almost every hour to check up on me, my incision, and my stats.

Ren & JoAnn came to visit…but I probably didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Take pictures. Bye, bye.

Doctor comes in to check on me the next day. My body, face, etc. are swollen. She says that’s normal. Okay. She gives the ‘ok’ to leave so we go home later that day.

My parents and sister had cleaned the house and decorated the livingroom and bedroom with balloons, signs, streamers, and a huge bucket of pink roses. That was so sweet of them. Since my milk hadn’t come in, they were able to feed him with formula while I took a nap.

Later that day, we had sushi. A LOT of sushi. I bet we had a few hundred dollars worth. Thanks Dad! 🙂

A few days later, my dad and sister left to go back to their respective places. Mom stayed on to help me. (As a friend said, Moms are angels on earth. How true.)

BTW, I am still swollen…and getting bigger. I can’t bend my ankles so I waddle when I walk. I also learned why really large people walk this way…the ankles! By Thursday, my MIL is telling me I HAVE to go see the doctor. I emailed the nurse at school with pictures. She says I HAVE to go see the doctor. So I go see the doctor on Friday.

Apparently, when she said I’d be swollen, she didn’t mean what she saw. (which I didn’t think was much different than what she saw me look like two days after delivery.) She put me on 5 days of Lasix.
Pre-delivery, I weighed 148. That Friday, in her office, I weighed 147. That’s how bloated I was.
Monday, I was down 15 pounds. So now back to normal with the bloats gone. My waist is 29 inches and all soft and jiggly 2 weeks after delivery. (When will that tighten up?)

BTW, the stomach looks awful! It’s dark looking with crepey textured skin. The linea negre is not going away. There’s an extra pouch of ridge right above the incision mark. However, the incision mark is great. She did a great job with that.

It’s going to be a slow process. But at least I can get back into my normal ‘fat’ jeans. Now to get back into my regular clothes.

But it’s all worth it for our amazing little boy. He’s so adorable and cute…and gaseous like his daddy.
Will have to post pictures later.

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This was a cool article…listing the best careers for 2008. Also the most overrated. And jobs to look at in the future.

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