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You know, smells are very subjective. There are things that pretty much everybody agrees smells good. Like fresh baked cookies or bread. Some are not as crystal clear. I had a friend who LOVED the smell of fresh cut grass. I absolutely abhor that stench. It would actually cause a gag reflex when it was too strong…hence me paying someone to mow my yard when I was single.

I know this is going to sound strange, but I like the smell of light chlorine. It reminds me of summer. Can you tell I’m a city girl? All the pools around here had to be chlorinated…so summers…chlorine! (and coconut smells…and Johnson & Johnson baby oil for those of us who were hard-core sun worshipers)

I also love the smell of fresh clean earth/dirt after a cleansing rainstorm. And the smell of a baby. Or my honey straight out of the shower before cologne. Patchouli…which is not very easy to find in candle scene, btw. Makes me sound like a very earthy kinda girl, doesn’t it? <shrug> (Don’t you sometimes wonder how your olfactory senses were wired the way they are?)

But there’s a group of smells that by changing the situation can smell either really good…or really bad. For example, cheese. And I’m talking about the most ripe, pungent kinds. You blindfold someone, and (more…)


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Um…there are no words to describe this…or to figure out WHY someone would want to buy this for a child. I’m thinking s/he doesn’t need visuals to know the difference…but that’s just me.

I think I’m going to have to add a new category: WHY.

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70’s fashion:  Click here if you yearn for those ‘good ol days’ of 70’s fashion…remember it being the coolest ever…and ‘kids nowadays’ aren’t nearly as ‘stylish’ as when you were a kid/teen.
Of course all the movies coming out revisiting those bygone era always make the clothes so hip looking.

Just click on the link above. You’ll have one of two reactions: 1) laugh your ass off thinking to yourself, “What were they thinking?!” OR 2) cringe and make yourself a Tom Collins to forget.

Thanks, Jello, for sharing! 🙂

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