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My big bouncing boy

Our baby boy is not yet 3 months…will be in a few days.  His daycare teacher asked us to get bigger diapers. We JUST put him in size 2s not even a month ago! At the rate he’s going, he’ll be in toddler size in a few months.

I think I know what happened. When we went to the ‘Intro to Baby Care’ class, we were a little late. Others had already chosen their newborn dolls to practice on. The only dolls left were the bigger ones…much bigger than what others chose. I held up my hand and asked, “Is this about the size of a newborn?”

She laughed, “Oh no. That doll is a representation of a 3 month old. Your baby won’t be nearly that big.”

We all laughed. “Ha ha ha…wouldn’t it be funny if the baby was that big? I wouldn’t want to deliver something that big! Ha ha ha.”

Famous last words.

As it turns out, Noodles came out about the size of the doll.

So the lesson here is get to class on time and snatch the SMALLEST doll!

But seriously….

He is the only baby I’ve had…and held for any extended period of time. It was a big shock to hold an average sized baby last week. A friend of ours had a baby girl weighing in at about 7 pounds. She had the smallest little face and felt as light as a feather. No wonder everybody looked at Noodles and was shocked to learn he was a newborn.

I’m shock the doctor tried to have him pass the ‘natural’ way before giving up! (that’s another story for when I can think coherently)

Everybody tells me that he’ll be grown before you know it. Seems mine is in a super hurry to grow.

You’ve heard the saying “A daughter’s a daughter all your life, a son’s a son until he takes a wife.”

Makes me sad because many people will tell you how true it is. As there is a chance he’ll be an only child, makes me even sadder.

But I won’t dwell on it.

Instead I will gaze in awe at his perfect features, melt at his slow smiles, wonder what great things are in store for him, and thank God everyday that he’s mine!


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