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School days…

Being back at school reminded me of my school days…grade school onto college.


Amy: she ate paste. Elmer’s Glue Paste. Cute girl. Big blue eyes. Brown Curls. Would look at you as you were talking…and just open up a jar of paste and eat.
I wonder what she’s doing now. Addicted to something harder? Like rubber cement?

George: he was my archenemy. He was the acknowledged ‘best artist’ in our 2nd grade class. ONLY because HIS schtick was drawing Snoopy. Snoopy standing there. Snoopy sniffing something stupid. Snoopy standing.
What a one trick pony!
I had range! I drew with feeling! I didn’t pander to the masses!
What a sellout.
I’m not bitter. He’s probably drawing for those stupid 99cents greeting card company.

Kelly: third grade Sasquatch! Cute girl, too. But if you just saw her arms, you’d swear it belong on a man with Mediterranean ancestry. (more…)


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Every year there’s an unwritten script I follow:

1. First week of school, I come home and immediately fall asleep when I get home. This year, with our new furry baby, I waited until B got home. Then promptly went to sleep.

2. Always feel like I’m running out of time and not ready…but you still keep going and get it done.

3. Around the 3/4 of the way into the year, I tell my teammates, “I don’t want to play anymore! I’m not doing this next year.” And of course, I’m back the next school year. 🙂

4. I always have more projects than can be finished in a year. It keeps me from being bored and complacent.

So a long way of saying, until the school year is off and running, I won’t be able to blog as much.

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The cutest onesies!

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Child’s Wisdom

Saw this on another blog. Someone found a piece of paper on the sidewalk and scanned it.

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I don’t know how long this will show up, but a mom of 6 sold a set of regular Pokemon cards for $142.51. Why? Because of the story of how she had the cards to start with. Very funny. Then she is (at this time) selling ONE, NEW TOTE PATTERN…and as of 11:36pm Central Time, it’s going for $210.50. But she throws in the S/H for free.

I’m jealous I didn’t think to write the stories to go along with what I was selling first. Goodness knows, the things I sell for my sister has weird or odd stories to go with them.

Her blog is just more stories like her listings. Very funny stuff.

Oh, some guy in Great Britain apparently copied her entire story for the Pokemon cards as his own on eBay. His listing has been yanked. The gall!

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Generally, I don’t much care for reality TV. However, I started to watch HGTV’s Design Star (2007). The contestants are/were pretty unique: Lisa and her opposite skunk hair, “Sparkles” with his je ne sais quoi (is that how you spell it?), and Neeraja…kinda scary chick. But the one that stands out the most is Todd Davis. He is the poster child for ADHD. He cannot sit still! And he seems to have a strange aversion to clothing. More often than not, he has his shirt off. And I reckon he’d be butt nekkid if he the show would let him.
But I must give him his props. The first individual design was AWESOME! You can tell when he was doing the background that he had drawing skills. Totally loved his design.

Now would I have him be my interior designer? Heck no!

I don’t think he’s going to win. As interesting as he is to watch, I feel jittery after watching him…like I had one too many cups of espresso.

Of course, I wouldn’t put money on my guesses. 🙂aftertodd.jpg

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My Pet Peeves

There are things that one person doesn’t even notice…but bother the heck out of another. Here are a few that make me want to grit my teeth.

  1. When different food groups touch on my plate. I HATE that! For example, if I have fruit salad on my plate but also have meat, I hate the taste of meat when I eat my fruit. Yuck! If I can’t use two plates to keep them segregated, I will use a piece of bread to act as a barrier and soak up inappropriate juices.
  2. Mean people. Mean people SUCK!
  3. I can’t stand it when I open a bottle or box of something when I haven’t finished the previous box. Drives me nuts to have two items opened up of the same thing!
  4. Misuse-nay, the OVERuse of the “I”. It probably started all innocently enough. Teachers correcting students, “Oh, Johnny. That’s “Molly and I will get the gift.” But now people over-correct themselves. Even seemingly intelligent people will do this! I’ve heard teachers say, for example, “The report was given to John and I.” (more…)

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