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So I’m outside watering the new lawn. We (not some sodding service we hired, btw) laid sod this weekend. It was hard, back-breaking work. Oh…I digress. So as I was turning on the sprinkler to give the new sod a chance to ‘take’. A older lady walking her dog makes a snarky comment: “Your yard looks nice.”

How rude was that? I just did one of those fake ‘he he’, “Thanks.”

I know, I know. You might think I am over reacting. That is entirely possible. But there’s history here. For you to understand my reaction, you have to heard the Story of the Lawn:

The yard (both back and front) had been overrun with weeds…but still green. So we decided it would be easier to take it all out and put sod in. So in the middle of May, B borrowed a tiller and tilled the entire front yard. It looked awful! He tilled it again…still looked bad. We raked it up into mounds all over the lawn. Now we look like we have a huge gopher problem.


It rains. So we call it a day for that weekend.

It rains again. And again. And again.

Texas had record breaking rainfall. (more…)


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Blonde in the Library: Mercedes Benz

Everybody’s seen FunTwo play Pachelbel Canon in D by now. Still love to listen. Of course you must give credit where credit is due: JerryC for arranging the music. However, I guess I give FunTwo credit because he’s a kid who picked up a guitar and taught himself in a very short period of time.

Of course the perennial favorite…probably seen by half of the population on the planet: (more…)

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Baby on my mind

I found a cool mom blog. She mixes Momhood with design…right up my alley! (appropriately call momdesign)

Found unique baby announcements…obviously custom made:

I like these…but these aren’t going to be ones I can just whip up. Too bad.

These were designed by Apryl.

And a neat idea for recycling those tiny crayon pieces you always seem to have left.

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My Bookshelf

I found a nifty way to keep a list of my more recent book acquisitions. I won’t even try to go back to the rest of my collection. That’s just crazy talk. I have too many to list. But these are my current interests.

Or if you want to just see the book covers, try this.

Yes, it is a Google product…and they do seem like they want to take over the world. But they make things so easy. I couldn’t resist.

From now on, I’ll add as I get them. Hopefully that’ll be easier than trying to remember what I purchased or received recently.

I’ve added to the Blogroll and put an RSS link.

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Cool Website: Pandora

Ginger sent me a cool radio website: Pandora. You put in your favorite artist or song. They find all of the songs that are by that artist and/or other songs that would interest you because of your choice.

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Just found this site to compare many online photo processing. It doesn’t say when he did it…but as of right now, it looks up-to-date.

Here’s another one.

I love a good deal. 🙂

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