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A very generous friend of B invited us to go see TSO. I’ve heard of them in passing…but never really knew much about them.
I did learn a few things:
1. They are NOT from Siberia…or Siberians.
2. You might need to take earplugs (like the guy in front of us) and/or sunglasses.
However, I also came to several realizations during the performance:
1. I’m not old!!! (more…)

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70’s fashion:  Click here if you yearn for those ‘good ol days’ of 70’s fashion…remember it being the coolest ever…and ‘kids nowadays’ aren’t nearly as ‘stylish’ as when you were a kid/teen.
Of course all the movies coming out revisiting those bygone era always make the clothes so hip looking.

Just click on the link above. You’ll have one of two reactions: 1) laugh your ass off thinking to yourself, “What were they thinking?!” OR 2) cringe and make yourself a Tom Collins to forget.

Thanks, Jello, for sharing! 🙂

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There are certain things that make me happy…inexplicably happy. I’m not talking about big, costly things. I am talking about those small things…or moments that make you sudden say, “Aaaawwww!” or “Aahhhhhh!”


  1. Driving on a newly paved road…smooth!
  2. When you wake up in the morning and realize you had the yummiest sleep ever and feeling totally refreshed.
  3. Eat a delicious meal and you have to dance in your seat…or make yum-yum noises…without meaning to.
  4. When my puppy plops himself right next to me, hangs his head on my thigh, & looks up at me with his puppy-dog eyes.
  5. When B does the housework without me asking him.
  6. Right after a rainstorm…the smell of clean earth. Actually, the smell of clean dirt when I am gardening. I like good dirt!
  7. A nice evening in with a group of friends and good food…and great conversation.
  8. A funny thought…something that strikes your funny bone and you laugh and laugh and laugh. The next day your stomach hurts.
  9. The slow smile of a solemn child. Most kids smile a lot. With a few, you feel blessed with he shines that smile towards you. It just seems to suddenly brighten his/her face…and my day. Of course a tight hug from any child is great.
  10. Finding a pair of jeans/pants that make your butt look great.

What makes you smile?

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There’s a strange phenomenon among (mostly) females in suburbs across the States that use guilt to keep its micro-economy turning its hamster wheel: ‘home shopping opportunities’

Oh, it starts off innocuously enough. You get invited to come ‘join in on the fun’ with a few friends. And while you are having all this fun, oh my…where did these things come from?! *sigh* Well, while you are here, might as well look at them…and maybe buy a few things: makeup (Arbonne, Mary Kay), food (Pampered Chef, Homemade Gourmet), ‘stuff’ (Cookie Lee, Southern Living), and I’m sure a myriad of other items.
So why would one go to these parties? You might go the first time because 1) you mistakenly think it’s a ‘real party’, 2) maybe feel a little honored to be asked…that first time, 3) you possibly, actually need some of the stuff they are selling, 4) you have a free evening and want to be fed, OR 5) your friend begs you to come to the party as a filler.
Whatever the reason, even if this is a favor to your friend, you feel guilty about eating and not buying anything. So what happens? (more…)

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Today is my last full day of ‘freedom’ before the school year starts. And ‘school’ started me thinking about children.

B and I would like to have a kid or two…sooner rather than later. We plan on starting ASAP. Now, when we’ll become pregnant is another question. I’m actually scared to be pregnant…and worried we can’t get pregnant. You know?

I told B that he can only bake in my oven one time…so if he wants to put in two buns, that’s all right with me. Besides, he said for every baby, he’ll give me one breast job. (ONE boob…not a set!) It would look pretty silly to have one perky boob, one boob heading for the border. So I might as well have two in one shot. Anyway, I can get my own boobs, thankyouverymuch! Heck, I can play it really cutting edge and NOT do anything! I could give my kid a piggyback ride AND nurse at the same time! (For those of you not getting the picture: kid on your back, you flip your boobs over your shoulder. Get it? Yeah.)

What worries me? Where do I start? Will we be good parents? Will we be able to parent a great kid…despite all the negatives out there in the world? Will we be able to give him/her a good life? Will we have a strong relationship? Will we be there to see him/her grow up?
The list goes on. I suppose if one thought about all the things that could go wrong, one would never have kids.

Of all of our friends, there are two sets of parents who give me hope: Jello and Pookie. (We have many friends who have kids…and wonderful parents, I am sure. However, these two have kids who I’ve seen from babies to preteen-hood.)
Their kids are great. Smart, kind, well-mannered, sweet…but still kids. You want to ask them what J and P (with their respective husbands, of course) did to raise such wonderful kids. Both of them will say their faith is important to them. But I’ve known many Christians who have had problem children. What else do they do that others don’t?

I do hope that one day, I will be able to go to them for advice about my child/ren.

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