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So I’m outside watering the new lawn. We (not some sodding service we hired, btw) laid sod this weekend. It was hard, back-breaking work. Oh…I digress. So as I was turning on the sprinkler to give the new sod a chance to ‘take’. A older lady walking her dog makes a snarky comment: “Your yard looks nice.”

How rude was that? I just did one of those fake ‘he he’, “Thanks.”

I know, I know. You might think I am over reacting. That is entirely possible. But there’s history here. For you to understand my reaction, you have to heard the Story of the Lawn:

The yard (both back and front) had been overrun with weeds…but still green. So we decided it would be easier to take it all out and put sod in. So in the middle of May, B borrowed a tiller and tilled the entire front yard. It looked awful! He tilled it again…still looked bad. We raked it up into mounds all over the lawn. Now we look like we have a huge gopher problem.


It rains. So we call it a day for that weekend.

It rains again. And again. And again.

Texas had record breaking rainfall. (more…)


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I don’t know where I read it, but it said “Dull women have immaculate homes.”
I should have this tattooed. It’s my mantra. It’s my war cry! I am Woman, see me walk by the cobwebs!
Anytime someone comes over and I imagine (generally women) giving the house the “once over” and an almost imperceptible, disdainful sniff, I have to admit my hackles rise, and I feel very defensive. The desire to explain why the house is in such a mess rises like champagne bubbles…tickling and tickling me until I can’t take it anymore. “Whahadhappenedwas, you see, I was busy, and I….”
I gotta get over it…or clean!
Why do I talk about this now? Well, our new pup likes to go exploring around the house. Invariably he’ll come back just covered in cobwebs and dust bunnies. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t cough up a hairball soon!
I feel so bad when I hear him hacking like an old geezer with emphysema. Do you think I could make him have allergies or asthma?
Seriously…I feel bad for the little pup.

In any case…I really should dust more often….and I’ll get to it…right after I finish reading my stack of books, cooking, updating this blog, etc.

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